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At the Seakura farm we grow seaweed of the Ulva and Gracilaria varieties, using unique technology developed by the farm’s staff. This technology makes it possible to intensively grow macro seaweed at high density throughout the year, in a land-based facility while fully controlling all the growth conditions. This innovative method replaces sea-based growth in which the seaweed is exposed to various pollutants, including heavy metals and other harmful elements, as well as other environmental conditions which are less than optimal, and lead to the rate of growth and quality of the seaweed being damaged. The source of water for growing the seaweed is a seawater well which provides a supply of high-quality water, free of pollutants, at a regulated temperature throughout all seasons.


The growing pools are built according to unique specifications which permit the permanent mixing of the seaweed along with maximum exposure time to sunlight, in order to achieve optimal growth rates and seaweed quality. The varieties of seaweeds growing at the farm were chosen following years of careful genetic selection, based on specific characteristics including the ideal combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins in addition to maximum growth rate and ability to withstand damaging elements. In addition to these characteristics, seaweed species were chosen in which the dominant reproductive course is vegetative, with a low spore count. 

At the end of the growing period, the seaweed is harvested straight from the growing pools to the packing facility, where they are rinsed and packaged for delivery. The manner of harvesting and the packing stages are carried out according to specific protocols developed by Seakura farm and which include vacuum freezing in order to fully preserve the seaweed’s nutritional value. Seakura seaweed is unique in its composition of proteins, vitamins and minerals; making them an optimal health food. In addition, Seakura fulfills the demanding standards regarding heavy metals and organic and biological pollutants. The waste water leaving the farm is completely clean and may be used to to raise fish or any other sea creature, or may simply be returned to the sea without any environmental damage.



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