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Green Hope

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Iodine produced from organic Ulva seaweed, and folic acid (Methylfolate)

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Green Hope is a unique nutritional supplement containing iodine produced from organically-grown Ulva seaweed, and folic acid. “Green Hope” was developed in accordance with the recent Israeli Ministry of Health recommendations for iodine consumption by women during the pre-pregnancy period.

Iodine is a crucial mineral with a range of central roles in our bodies, the most important being production of thyroid hormones which affect the rate of material exchange and growth rates. It is especially important for mother and foetus during pregnancy.

A lack of iodine is liable to lead to problems with foetal brain development, while a lack of the mineral in the mother may subsequently lead to one in the foetus who is nourished from her. This could then have life-long consequences for the foetus.

As with other vitamins and minerals, our bodies are unable to independently produce iodine, thus making it necessary for us to consume it either from food or from nutritional supplements containing iodine.

* People taking prescription drugs – Must consult their doctor before taking the supplement.


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