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Organic Ulva Seaweed Flakes

39.90 ILS

An integral part of your seasoning in the kitchen – flakes of dry organic Ulva seaweed, with a rich, concentrated, Umami flavor. It is recommended to add the flakes to spreads, salads and seasoning to stews that give a deep taste and refined saltiness.
* Umami flavor, Japanese “spicy” or “tasty”. The Umami is considered the fifth, after the bitter, sweet, salty, sour flavor. The umami flavor is present, emphasized and it combines and enhances the other flavors.

The Ulva is rich in minerals, proteins, chlorophyll, dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

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We grow our seaweeds under organic conditions. While open-sea seaweed are seaweed that may contain biological contaminants and pesticides, Seakura’s seaweed are the product of organic and purified seawater growth and therefore cleaner than the last.

Ulva seaweed has a unique and bold flavor, delicate salinity, making every dish a culinary experience, for anyone looking to enrich and diversify the daily, appropriate menu, health seekers (including vegans and vegetarians) as well as culinary enthusiasts seeking an innovative, modern and yet delicious.

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