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Questions and Answers

What is seaweed?

Seaweed are plants which grow in sweet and salt water pools, and carry out photosynthesis processes just as with land-based plants.

How does seaweed differ from land-based plants?

Seaweed is different in that it is formed from single cells or from threads or leaf images, and has no stem, root, flowers or fruit.

What is the role of seaweed within the living world?

Seaweed is the most ancient plant growing on the face of the earth. Given that they were the first creatures to exist on earth which released oxygen and produced organic material, they facilitated the development of the animal kingdom.

What are the types of seaweed which exist?

Seaweed can be divided into single-cell microscopic seaweed (phytoplankton), and multi-cell macro-seaweed. Macro-seaweed is divided according to their green, red or brown colouring.

What importance does seaweed have in nature?

Ocean seaweed are nature’s primary producers of oxygen, as well as being the foremost source of carbon dioxide absorption. Thus, damage to the marine environment is liable to negatively affect the balance in nature in which seaweed plays such a crucial role.

What is seaweed’s contribution to man?

Seaweed gives man food, in particular in Asia, provides food for farm animals, chemicals for industry, is a source for medications and for cosmetic products, fertilizer for the earth and has the potential to manufacture “green” fuel.

What are the advantages of seaweed as opposed to land-based plants?
Seaweed is, in effect, a vegetable which grows in sea water. It is particularly rich in protein, vitamins, A, B and C, non-soluble fiber, antioxidants and biologically active ingredients.

Is there organic seaweed?

Seaweed can be grown in sea water pools without any added fertilizers or pesticides, and thus can be labelled “organic”.


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