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“Nutriflex” – a simple and easy way to consume the daily recommended amount of iodine from an organic, natural source, combined with other nutritional ingredients. Try “Nutriflex” in your shakes, yoghurt or as a dressing for salad. The organic, neutral-flavoured chia seeds add a pleasant crunch and the organic Ulva seaweed provides a deep, delicately salted taste.

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  • No animal components
  • Without genetic engineering
  • Kosher, under the supervision of DC

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  • Organic
  • Without genetic engineering
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Chia seeds- Beyond the delicate appearance there is a particularly rich and concentrated food

Chia seeds belong to the group of foods with especially high nutritional value. The tiny seeds, whose taste is barely notable, provide a wonderful nutritional addition to the daily menu! Chia seeds originate from the “Salvia hispanica” plant which grows in Latin America. In the distant past, the seeds formed an inseparable part of the daily diet for the Maya and Aztec people who believed the seeds possessed particular powers and considered them a source of energy and healing.

In recent years, chia seeds have returned to the health-food world due to their “functionality”. They are a concentrated food, rich in nutritional value, and aid in increasing the sense of fullness even in small amounts. Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and nutritional fibers, which assist the digestive process, Omega 3, calcium, protein and a mucilagous material which attracts toxins and contributes to the healthy functioning of the intestines.

Organic Ulva seaweed – Seaweed; an origins food, rich from the sea. We raise the Ulva on land in organic conditions, and provide it with the optimal environment to make it rich in minerals, dietary fibers, antioxidants, protein, chlorophyll and vitamins.

Naturally-sourced iodine

Iodine is a mineral which plays a number of important roles in our bodies, with the most significant of these being the production of thyroid hormones which affect the rate of exchange of material as well as the rate of growth. As with other minerals and vitamins, our bodies are incapable of producing iodine on their own, making it necessary to consume it either in food, or from a nutritional supplement. Our unique growing methods for Ulva seaweed at the Seakura facility allow the seaweed to develop with high rates of natural iodine.


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