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Preparing for the Global Food Crisis

17 August 2022 Healthy Living

Seakura’s experts research seaweed, the ecological source for land-based vegetation

Governments and experts scientists are preparing for the global food crisis which so many are concerned about. The rise in population numbers has not come hand in hand with quick enough improvements in agricultural technology, or increases and improvements in food quality. Experts in the field have turned to marine agriculture which is not yet as developed as the land-based variety. Seaweed is playing as starring role as a dietary ingredient with enormous potential.

Oceans and seas cover nearly a third of the globe. Many manufacturers have turned to the sea as a source of rich nutrition. Seaweed appeared in the seas waters close to 3 billion years ago; since ancient times. They belong to the vegetation kingdom, though many varieties, particularly micro-seaweed, belong to the bacterial kingdom. Seaweed resembles land-based vegetation in its photosynthetic abilities, and they release a high percentage of oxygen, making them crucial within the ecological system.

Many cultures consume seaweed due to its high nutritional value and its availability, particularly those cultures who live by the sea. Seaweed is an origin food, which has provided nutrition from the dawn of history up through our time.

Unfortunately, with the increase in consumption of seafood, as well as in the spill-off into the sea, marine ecology has been damaged and the pollution in our oceans is on the rise. This not only endangers the cleanliness of the marine foods we consume, but also the entire marine environment.

Seakura are pioneers in the seaweed marine agriculture field. The company specializes in conservation of marine ecology, and has therefore developed advanced technology for growing seaweed in pools on land. Specialists in the area developed a unique protocol to filter sea water and grow seaweed in pools which simulate the marine environment, on land.

At the Seakura farm we believe that seaweed is the food of the future, and we work hard to provide rich marine food, all the while carefully conserving the environment.

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